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As I move forward it just gets more disturbing

Spanish for today:

The majority know how to use a knife.

Have you considered this?

They can produce even more

They can produce alcohol

I will put them there

They are not going to eat

He is the first to die

She will think I do not love her

I certainly hope the Lt and the Commander are not involved with this. It sounds shady.

Did not write today. But I ate marzipan for lunch, and I am making kale soup, with chorizo tonight, so that is something. I have been having nightmares. I think it is the weather.

Spanish Lessons

My first sentence today:  'The bird fell.' (How topical!)

Also, and rather more disturbingly

'She appears with the night'
'He appears with no shirt'

'It is time to initiate the revolution' (And just in case it all goes badly and we need someone to blame...)

'Your mother started it!'

And lastly:

The lessons are paying off a bit. Today I was in the bank and heard a little girl saying she wanted a yellow lollipop and NOT a blue one. Brother was sent back again to get the right one. Somehow I find little kids more easy to understand.

More spanish

Working hazily at Spanish lessons. Two of today's phrases worry me:

'She has denounced her father'


''You know what will come of this'

But then, when it all seemed terribly grim,

'They went to a small hotel'

It has to be the lieutenant and the colonel !!

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