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Cow has got her horn out

Sometimes I think it is laziness, or more properly fear of work. I hate hard work. (Ask anyone.) But the thing about writing is--if you don't do it, it sits there staring at you, with reproach.

So today I have jumped off the cliff. I am writing something that seems to be a Dark Materials/Hornblower pre-canon thingie.

Early early yet. But it feels like it may work. I am putting this up to keep me honest.

Let me know if this is something you guys would like to read. Any bright ideas for what could be included? I hope to have fun with it.

One Boy is One boy

Author: Eglantine-br

Title One Boy is One Boy

Kyd/ Marlowe – pre canon stoy

Word Count 775

One Boy is One Boy

Canturbury 1576

The yoke burned his shoulders, and his breath rasped. He had filled the buckets to the very top edge. He walked rigidly, feeling the balance all across his body. He was careful not to splash. It he lost any he would have to go back. If he went back he would be late to school.

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The Best You Can

Title: The Best You Can

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R (For horribleness.)

Word Count 1040

I don't know why I am preoccupied with Simpson. I would rather not think about him at all, but it sometimes seems as if writing is like digging through a bucket of things, you cannot get to the bottom until you deal with the top. This was on top of kinder things. I hope it will leave me alone now.

This little story involves bad luck, and some pretty severe child neglect. It is an ugly piece of work.

July 1774, London

Daniel Barrow held his hand out. His voice was oddly clenched, he was trying to speak without breathing.

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Just as you Like

Title: Just as you Like

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R for het smut

Word Count 2256

********* I want to point out, before beginning, that the word 'pretty' as late as the 18th century was both stronger and less gender specific. I hope the use of it is not to jarring. Also, I am pretty sure that Polly knows what she is talking about.

“Third on the left. Blue door.”

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The Rules

Title: The Rules

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 353

LOUK- Kidfic

The Rules

It was his own fault. He had failed to get out in time. Usually Matty could get out of the school quickly enough to be out in front, and to walk home without having to see anyone.

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Writing Home

Title: Writing Home

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 375

Pre-Cannon Edrington

Writing Home

'Dear Mama,'

Percy paused a moment to taste the butter yellow of the words. The words for her on the page were the same as her voice, her presence. This was not the case with everyone. But his mother was always the same-- yellow and butter.

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