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Hazel has been enjoying a treat this weekend. I have gotten her a cow femur. See below a picture of her knowing just what to do with it.

I am working away on a Horatio and Archie fic. It should be ready in the next day or two unless they decide to do something unusual.


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My street and building today. It has warmed to about 20f. Half the town seems to be out sledding. Old men, kids, women in hijabs and snow boots... I went out to the grocery store. Atmosphere there was quite giddy. They were having a post-Christmas junk food sale. I got all sorts of things. Whatever else the future brings we will have raisin toast!

Some Picrures





These are taken at the park across the street from me. we are on one of the hills that has a view down and across to Manhattan. We can, on a clear day see New Jersey, from Hoboken to Bayonne.

The cat is my Yodel. Not a very good/clear picture of him, but the torpor is accurate.

Working on the next piece of my Marlowe story. Should maybe be up tonight.