eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

I was given a meme

1 What is the most annoying and untrue thing that people say

'":God does not give us more than we can handle."

Leaving aside debates about God, this is observably untrue. Some people are given way more than they can handle. And it is said with a sort of unseemly speculation about other peoples lives.

2. Favorite Smells

Oh, so many:  woodsmoke, wet leaves, fog, the ocean, dog, skunk, (when it is far enough away to be a mere suggstion of itself, and also someone else's problem,) clean man-sweat, new babies, libraries,sawdust,  goats, horses, books, pizza... I could go on. And how strange that these are almost all the smells of my childhood.

3 Free time fun

She specified not writing so we will not list that. (See, not listed,) So: reading, swimming in the ocean, walking outdoors, watching people and making up stories about the things they do, computer games, (some of them,) cooking sometimes, 

I guess it says something about my life that this is a real stumper. Much more easy to think of things that smell good

4  Clothing style

I would describe it as:  'Nothing to see here, moving on...'  I like  T shirts, jeans, sneakers Sometimes I wear a skirt. I have not spent money on clothing very much over the years.

5 Last movie that made me cry

I have not been to the movies in a long time. And we have gotten rid of our TV too. I did recently get quite weepy watching a Budweiser ad on Youtube. And many books have made me cry. 'To Kill a Mockingbird'  reduces me to mush every time. Also 'Little Women' and 'Charlottes  Web' and 'Once and Future King'
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