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Poet's Return

Poet's Return

Author Eglantine_br


150 words (drabble and a half)

Poet's Return

“Really Tom, you've not thought a name for him? You cannot keep calling him 'pup.' It's just lazy.” Kit was grinning, his mouth open in a pup smile too.

“Oh, You got bigger while I was gone. Oh yes, yes you did.” That was not directed at me.

And see, here was the great Dr Marlowe, nothing with him but a bag of dirty clothes. He was kneeling on the floor with his arse between his feet. He was limber as a child. Pup was licking his chin.

“I smell of horse,” he said. Pup had moved on to Kit's crotch. His whole body was wagging. Kit held him off with one hand, and scrambled up. There was a raspberry bite mark at the angle of his jaw. Well, I thought, at least one of us got laid.

“Come by the fire and eat.” I said.

Tags: kit marlowe, thomas kyd

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