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In other news-- my hovercraft is full of eels

Almost all of you people out there in not-USA land (and many many right here,) have a big amazing thing that you all can do. So far I cannot. Many many of you speak two or more languages.

I can kinda-sorta do Spanish, but only in the most passive way. I can understand a little, but I would not inflict my words on anyone in return. (I once had to act out 'cat litter' in a store.)

So this week I am starting in to fix that!

I found a super cool web teaching thingie. I am now working my way through early lessons. It is set up like a video game, to reward you with bells and stickers when you learn well. There is a cute little owl who weeps when you do wrong.

I have found, that for me at least, it seems to hit the same reward spot as playing a game online. I am stupidly happy to do hours of grammar and vocab drills.

i can now say in Spanish 'The cat drinks milk,' or 'You are not a woman' or 'You are a man' or 'The boy writes a letter' and other such things.

If I can get to a point where I can actually talk sense, it may make me more employable. New York is pretty well bi-lingual.

But guys, it is hard! I keep getting  word endings wrong. I know I am making lots of mistakes. It would have been so much better to learn all this when I was 14 and people were jumping out of  the bushes to teach me things.
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