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Books about Dogs

"You may not think of deer as dangerous predators, but that is because you are not a cabbage."

This is one arresting line from 'For the Love of a Dog' by Patricia McConnell

In this book and in 'The Old End of the Leash' she teaches about dog behavior. The titles sound fluffy but the books are not. She is an animal behaviorist who has studied dog body language, and psychology. She also has sheep and working sheepdogs.

The science in her book is interspersed with examples of her experiences with her own dogs, and dogs that come to her as clients. A lot of the books are devoted to dog body and facial expression. I have lived with dogs all my life, but these books gave me a new understanding.

It gave me a new insight into the possible thoughts of my shy and meek (If large, Hazel.) I still have to make sure that Lyra the kitten does not crowd Hazel away from the dog dish, and take her food. 
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