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Animal Diet

I posted a while ago about my arrangements to diet the dog, and feed up the kitten. Realized today that man cat is getting more food too, now that the dog cannot get it from him. He is a recreational vomiter, so I did not expect much of a change in him, but he has developed a dunlop!

Kitten is still thin, she burns it all off, she runs everywhere. But she is happy.

Husband back to work tomorrow. Manhattan is still working on the Sandy clean-up. Husband says damaged buildings are still running off generators in the street. He says they will not be back to rights until the fall. The subtext for this is that many small businesses cannot hold on that long, especially places like restaurants which have a tight overhead. 

Husband has gotten his grades back. He passed calc 3, with difficulty. Linear Algebra will have to be retaken. The two classes together along with full time work was too much. He got sick, for one thing. But he persevered. We did not see much of him. Most nights he ate mechanically the food before him, and that was all he could do after work. He did fall asleep in the bathtub several times. 

Daughter's school is trying a new grading rubric, which I hate. They have something that is called 'Howls,' which each teacher grades her in. Howls are essentially deportment. If you are late to class, or rude, or disorganized, or absent too much that brings the Howl down. Each teacher can assign a Howl grade at their own discretion. The Howls are not held separate-- they are factored into the academic grade. Anyone who has a Howl average below 95 will fail the class, no matter how well they do on tests, homework, etc.  The school justifies this by saying that kids who don't act right have bad academics anyway.

That is not the case with my kids, never has been. If daughter is 5 minutes late to class, she should not fail, if she understands the work. There is no excuse for talking in class-- but i think it should be handled some other way than by academic failure.

So, that is backstory. She was failing Spanish and teetering in Biology. She went to her teachers and suggested a plan for herself to do extra work over break. They agreed to bring her grade up if she did it. She goes back on the 2nd. She has been working away-- I am pleased with her, for fixing the problem on her own. 

I predict that they new Howl system will not last long. I think many parents have said that they feel it is a little too harsh. 
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