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I am back from Connecticut. It was less bad than I had feared. Husband's mother was not snide or unkind this time.

She does never stop talking however-- and I have a hard time with that. She also has a sort of direct self-praise which I find hard to take. She is habitually boastful. She likes to talk about how she is right, and other people are wrong, Wrong, WRONG.

She has accused me in the past of being 'snooty.' She has  pointed out helpfully that that is why most people don't like me.

She loves my husband. She tries her best to be a good mother and grandmother. She has a lot of talent at many things. She knitted me a beautiful shawl. It is warm and lovely. ( I told her years ago that I wanted to learn to knit, and she told me essentially not to bother. She said that if you could not spin your own raw wool, and knit cables you were just a public embarrassment)

MIL's house is cold and large and clean and perfect. None of the books there appear to have been read. There are no soft corners where you can get away and be quiet.

This time she was kinder. I was able to get a little time alone, away from the noise. The food was good. We had pizza. I liked it fine .In the past she has made tortiere, which I know is very fancy, but is just not my thing.  The in laws came,and their kids. They have a boy the age of my girl, and two adorable younger ones. They also have an older girl. She did not come this time.

Sister in law is very outspoken, brassy, confident. She is a hard worker. MIL likes her just fine. I like her too, but find her daunting.

I like the men better. Husband's brother is good to talk to. Sensible, rather quiet. MIL's husband is a nice old man. He has been ill in the past few years, and it has taken much of the bounce out of him.

So, it was ok. I am glad it is over.

Hazel walked through Grand Central Station like a total pro.  She was affable. She wagged her tail the whole time, and people came over to pat her. She climbed into husbands lap on the train. (eighty pounds of scrabbling dog. And their feet are so slidy,) He had trouble reading with her in his lap, but managed.

We got home last night, tired. We found our kitchen ceiling leaking this time. It had been dripping ominously when we left. It is being fixed today, but I cannot delude myself that the fix is permanent. The bathroom ceiling still leaks too. This time they are sure they found the bad pipe. They put the sheet-rock up. If it leaks they will have to take it all away down again. This is about the fifth time...

I have tried to tell them that the constant water is causing bigger problems, structural problems. They do not want to hear. Maybe this time it will be ok. I hope so.

They just left, taking ladders, and plastering equipment, and everything. Lyra was completely underfoot. But she did not fall into a bucket, or get tied up in a garbage bag. She did not escape the apartment, and get lost in the rest of the building.

So that was ok.

Now i just have to get back to a useful mindset myself.
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