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More About Lyra

Well we have had kitten Lyra for about a month now, and she has grown a lot. She is the most active kitten I have ever seen. She loves to climb, she climbs their cat furniture like a bear, embracing with her front legs, kicking her way up with her back. She is very curious and intelligent. She already comes when called, and knows the eating and other daily routines.

To my surprise she and Yodel, (my man cat,) are good friends. Sometimes he gets fed up with her and knocks her down, or slaps her, but she is not at all daunted. She wants to follow him everywhere. They play tag through the house, and hockey, and I'm-in-the-paper-bag, and all the good cat games.

Poor meek Hazel  dog (who weighs about 75 lb,) is a little nervous of Lyra still. Cats come with knives on, after all. But Hazel will sometimes give her a kiss as she walks by.  Lyra likes Hazel fine, no problem there.

Lyra seems to love water. She cries to be let in the bathroom so she can sit on the edge of the tub. She watches human bathing with a kind of horrified fascination. She is not even put off by the humans splashing around with peppermint soap! She actually hates all closed doors, she wants the run of our whole tiny space. (NYC apartment,) She gallops around at night, talking to herself, and makes a lot of noise. I don't know who started the rumor that cats are quiet!

I actually think she might be at least part Maine Coon cat. She is very vocal, and has a strange trilling voice. She is obviously going to be quite big and fluffy. And there is the water thing. In any case she is a sweet girl.

Poor old Hazel to the vet this afternoon for ear infection. She will feel much better once she had some nice ointment!
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