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I would rather be at home writing

Hi guys,
Life continues to interfere with writing. Daughter and I went to see the neurologist today. Dr was her ordinary professional self, made no reference at all to yelling at me on the phone. That is fine. She was maybe just having a really bad day. We got a schedule of exams and follow-ups set. Doctor recommended not  changing my daughters meds. (That is a relief, because every change is like a leap into the unknown.)

So all is well.

Hazel caught a squirrel today-- and killed it. This was while she was at the park with my son. I was not there. I think it was a big surprise to all four of us, (Hazel, the squirrel, son and me,) She had never caught one before, in all her years of stalking them. Son did not let her eat it, which is good, considering the dirty things the squirrels in the park eat!  Poor squirrel.

My husband, after wheezing and coughing since before Thanksgiving, has consented to see a doctor himself tonight. Does anyone want to place bets? Bronchitis? Pneumonia? IV fluids? Chest x-rays?  Which antibiotic do you think?  Silly man. He is working and going to school, and by the time the day is over he just wants to sleep. I get it, but really, if I were acting this way he would have compelled me to go long since. He has not even taken a sick day.

So maybe later tonight I can get my head back into some fiction. I think I would like that very much. Real people are less biddable even than fictional ones, and harder to understand!

**** Update: Husband could not go to VA hospital after work. The one he wanted has been closed for now because of Sandy damage. he will go this weekend.
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