eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

New Kitten--Lyra

She is out from under the bed. She is a very opinionated little girl.But she is smart and sweet too. She figured the litter box out right away. She is a little hand-shy. The trick seems to be to bring the hand towards her on her level so she can see it and get ready. Hands coming from above may be up to no good. (This is true of all creatures that have not been handled a lot, I find. Or creatures that have been mistreated, which she has not.)She tries to push Yodel around. Hazel is afraid of her. I wanted to get a few pictures of her in motion-- but she is sort of a blur when she is moving!

It took us 3 days to get her name. I thought maybe she was Eleanor. (Bold fearless woman name.) But it did not stick. She is Lyra If you click the pictres you can see a few more pictures, two of Yodel, (big guy, white nose,) and one of Hazel .
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