eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Probably need my head examined

After Ajax died husband developed a kitten shaped hole in his life. I was not ready for another kitten-- Yodel really likes being an only cat. But husband was really very sure he wanted to take on another kitten.

Daughter tried to help. "My friend has a cat that is a real slut."  (I pointed out that all cats are sluts-- that is why we spay them.)

Anyway. Today I am the recipient of a little grey kitten, who appears to be female. One of husbands work mates had a litter. (I mean his cat did.) I brought her home on the subway from Herald Squaure. She went right under the bed and has not come out again. I can see her with a flashlight.

Yodel is appalled. Hazel just wants to kiss and sniff her. I put a litter box and some food near the bed, and shut the door. I am keeping Yodel away from her. He kept trying to claw the door open so he could go and hiss at her. He knows right where she is of course. I am trying to keep things quiet. Hope she feels more confident soon.

Once that happens I will take some pictures. She is very cute.
Tags: animals, real life

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