eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Trip in the Snow

Tonight I had to take Hazel to the vet. She had a weird lump on her bottom, that needed looking at. This vet is about 2 miles away, and wbe are having a snowstorm. (Very early in the year-- usually we don't get sticking snow until after Thanksgiving.) But it is pouring down outside, sticky snowman snow. 

We got a taxi to the vet, that was fine, although the man driving it was pretty timid. Still we got there. 
Her visit went ok, they did a needle aspiration, and the vet said not to worry too much.

But when we went to leave, there were no cabs to be had. We called and called, and we could not get anything. We ended up taking Hazel on the subway, which we had never done before. She was fine, she went through the turnstiles, and sat down just fine. Everyone was very nice about it. (It is against the rules, except for service dogs.) I was worried, but nobody did anything but smile at her.
Tags: animals
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