eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Outside my door

There is a large crowd on the street marching and beating drums. They are following a man with a bullhorn who is yelling about 'The wages of sin is death.' A woman is shouting too. Yesterday their theme was God's love. They managed to make that sound very threatening somehow. 

Sometimes they march to an army cadence kind of call and response thing. "Jesus!" "Say what?" "Jesus?" I guess you can march to it.

Sometimes they do it in Spanish. I can understand it. (Not complicated Spanish.) I prefer that. I can tune it out. The sound does not snag my ear so. 

During my time in the South I got very intolerant of people telling me about my sins. And i got quite fierce about having that directed at my kids. My kids are big now, but the feeling remains.

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