eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The Sonnets

Title The Sonnets

Author Eglantine _br

Word Count 125

Rating G

The Sonnets

Horatio closed the door softly.

The little room smelled of sleep and of Archie specifically. Archie, in his hammock, was snoring just a little. He was nestled deep, head turned to the side, his sore arm beneath a covering hand. His knees had been lifted, and had fallen open. There was a book wedged down against his hip. Horatio could see that it was his book of sonnets. A gift, from Horatio, long ago. It looked uncomfortable there, entangled with the blanket. But moving it would wake him. Better to leave it.

“ It is an ever fixed mark.” Horatio whispered it, only to himself. He didn't need to say it to anyone else. Archie already knew.

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