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So it looks as if we are going to get a weird-ass hurricane- Nor'Easter combo thing. 

They are comparing it to the "Perfect Storm' which hit New England in 1991. I happened not to be there at the time.

I am in New York now. Everyone here is freaking out. They have shut down the subway system for the second time ever for weather. That means nobody is going to school/work tomorrow. It is a Pulaski day for us. Or a snow day. They only other time it was shut that I can think of  was 9/11.

My parents, when I was a kid, did not worry too much about weather. For one thing, they were sailboat and ski people. Wind and snow were what they wanted. Also, when it came to bad weather they had the benchmark of the killer storm of 1938. (Worth looking up on wiki, if you did not grow up hearing about it.) After that it takes a lot to impress a person.

So, I too am hard to worry. I doubt we will loose power. I expect wind and rain. The thing is, the wind and rain will be on a Nor'easter timetable. That is three days (One to grow, One to blow, One to go,) a hurricane is a much shorter event. 

All I can tell you now is that my arthritis is speaking. My nose and my toes and my back and my shoulders are all complaining bitterly.

And it is dark outside and getting darker. Has been dark most of the day.

I will keep you guys apprised, if I can, if anything interesting happens.
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