eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Under the Sky

Title: Under the Sky

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 275

This one was inspired by the beautiful pictures of Culzean that Anteros put up. I do picture Archie growing up there. I know it is not everyone's canon-- but it is mine.

And, I think also it is to do with her 'Silver Razor Series.' Archie's relationship with his father is so fraught, there is such pain for them both, I wanted to give them something. (I wonder how the father remembers that night. Maybe somebody else could write that.)

Under the Sky

It was cloudy and wavering, like a dream. So long ago, but Archie thought it was true.

He had been in Scotland, so it had been summer. He remembered his bare feet in the mud and the edge of his frock. He had gone out to see the ducks. And he had had one of his fits. He remembered the shame of it, wetting himself, and being put to bed. And then he had been hot and dizzy and sore all over. And his uncle had given him a book, but it had hurt his eyes. The book was real, at least. He had had it for years. And Mother had come to sit with him, of course. She always did when they were ill.

But late in the night, when the others were gone, Father had come. And he had lifted hot little Archie up into his arms, and carried him outside. And he had talked, of kindly foolish things, and Archie had been held against the rumble of Father's chest, just the two of them. And father's words had floated into the trees and the black sky, away forever. Father had held him, and the air had been sweet. He must have fallen asleep to the rumbling words. He could not remember now what Father had said.

He had awakened in the morning, in his bed, still sick, but getting better.

And it was a happy memory, surely. And anyway, maybe it never had happened.

It was the feverish ache of his legs that reminded him. Must be. And it was a happy memory, so why did it make him want to weep?

Tags: archie kennedy, childhood

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