eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Sometimes you brush up against it

History, I mean.

When I was seven or eight, my mother's best friend was married to an aide of then-Senator, and then-young, Joe Biden. We made a trip to Washington, and I was given a tour of the Capital by the kind aide. I got to see the special gym that the Senate uses, I got to ride on the underground trolly cars, and I got to meet Senator Biden. I remember that he had a big desk-- the edge of it was probably at eye level for me then.

The older men were kind to me, I am sure. I don't remember anything they said. I do have one memory though-- so clear and vivid. Biden and his aide took me to the Senate lunch room, and bought me a giant cup of hot chocolate, and it had whipped cream and sprinkles on top! I would not have been permitted such a thing at home, but my mom could not say no, because we were out, and I ate the whole thing!

I wonder how many ordinary children have memories like that, of historical people. (Pellew, of course we know, but Marlowe? Maybe.)

Plot Bunny there-- I think.

And also thoughts about how kindness never really goes away, it just floats in circles, like dust in the sunshine.

I will be voting Obama/Biden for what I know are sounder reasons-- but I will be thinking of the mounds of whipped cream!
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