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Now look what I have gone and done

Daughter has started high school. My formerly tiny little girl. She is taking to it like a proverbial duck. She and her friends apparently decided to get serious. She told me that they had decided that 'grades count now' so no more goofing. Instead of scooting by on brains and a smile, she is going to do her work! Amazing!

But she is still hanging out with the same girls who think they are very tough ). They all have ridiculous Brooklyn accents. They are very sweet kids.

So, last night daughter calls me-- "Mom, there is a kitten..."

He had been tossed out in the street with a ginormous flea coller on him-- the kind that are somewhat toxic even for adult cats. This is a little guy who still needs bottle feeding. He can coordinate his feet-- just. He still has the sway back and big tummy of babyhood. He needs his bottom scubbed to be able to pee. (I am pretty sure he is a he, could be wrong. The under the tail arrangements are tiny and somewhat ambiguous. Still there appears to be a spot where there may be balls later. We are going with boy, for now.) So my girl carried him home, and  set him in my arms, and ran off to buy kitten milk and a bottle. I got him going with some evap and a rag.

Of course proper kitten milk is better. The other was just while we waited. (Does anyone know is it really cat milk, and if so, who milks the cats? )

Anyway. By the time the night had advanced some, the men people came home. Husband was delighted. He really likes babies of all kinds. He had a go with the bottle, but handed kitten back for the bottom scubbing. Kitten was very relieved, and immediatly peed all over my shirt.

So we began thinking of names.

"How about Archie?"


"Horatio?" (I did not have much hope of slipping that by her, but figured worth a try)

"No Hornblower names!" The rest of the family chorused.

Daughter has settled on Ajax. (I actually had a ram lamb named Ajax once, in about 1972.)

The other animals are getting used to him. Hazel was afraid at first, (of course, being Hazel,) But she took a nap with him last night. They are going to be friends.

Yodel is more dubious. He is offended by having another cat in his space. But I think he is slowly warming up. We are giving him lots of attention.

So, there goes more of my supposedly free time. Oh well.
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