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real life frustrations

Wanted to sleep tonight. But it is Saturday. In my neighborhood that means it is drunken Mariachi, kareoke night. Right outside my window in the street. Usually I like it. Tonight I just don't want to to deal with it.

Was really frustrated today. Went to the library, and found a book about prisoners of war held by French. I wanted to read it so much, and it turned out that it was some sort of weird limbo book, not part of reference or circulation. I went up librarian chain of command, and had 4 people tell me that they did not have authority to straighten it out.  I felt such a crazy wanting of the book. (even though  i had a bag full of other books too.)

Then on way back on subway some strange woman sat on me!

So I'm going to write, until the music stops. 2 or 3 am, usually. Good night to all you sleeping people out there in quiet land...

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