eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Barney Frank is Awesome!

I have loved Barney Frank for years-- since  he was Massachusetts state rep, back in the 1970's. Somewhere, there is a letter, wrote to him, when I was a child, about some issue. he took the time to write back to me with his very own hand, he wrote a real letter,addressing my concerns.   He was diligent and honest and brave then. He worked for the people of my (then) state, even when it was not glamorous.  He is all that and more now. The years have made him better, stronger.

And today, he had a speech where he just ignorned what had been written on his prompter, and he said what he thought needed saying. He talked about Mitt Romney, about what we need, what we hope to get, and what we actually would get if we let that snake slide into the White House.

Go, Barney Frank! I wish you could be President this year.
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