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Trip to Boston

Happy labor day guys, Workers Unite!

I have just gotten back from my trip to Boston. Katriona was kind enough to invite me to visit her, and stay over while she was there. Oh, I had a wonderful time!

The hotel was very fancy, and it was right down on the water front of Boston, (Where  the redcoated  soldiers came in from over the ocean to occupy the city. And there were stamp taxes, and tea taxes,  and an ugly scuffle over some  snowballs thrown, and then   the real  trouble started...)

I had lived in the Boston area years ago, and am somewhat used to it as a city, but had not been there to walk around in decades. For this reason I was not a very good guide-- but Katriona is a world traveler, and very handy with a map. We ended up just strolling and talking for hours.

We talked about books and movies, and actors, (duh,) And she was so kind and such good company I felt I had known her for years. She is a real expert on Robert Lewis Stevensen. So I learned a lot about him .I had had the vauge feeling that he was from Scotland, and had TB and went to the tropics for a while, but that was the extent of my knowledge. But of course, being with someone who knows all the facts and the dates makes it so much more interesting.

And we taked about Hornblower, and Marlowe, and rabbits, and traveling, and LJ and many other things. And went out to dinner and ate codfish.
The next morning, (This morning, although it seems a long time ago now,) I parted from Katriona and went to meet up with my brother. He took me to sit in Harvard Yard. Very green and sunny.  (Brother went to Harvard in the 1970's.)

Today seemed to be the day that new students were arriving. (At least some of them,) It was very sweet, they seemed so young!

And then I caught the Amtrak home. And that is now.

So tommorrow I will write something fictive and useful. (I got some little scraps done on the train.) See you all then.
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