eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Some pictures

Here are the other pictures. I apologise for the quality of some of them. I put a few more of the Vineyard, and one of our stairs. These stairs are just opposite our front door. You can see the chimney at the top. Some of the larger houses had another set of stairs going down to the kitchen, ours never did, but our house kept getting bigger out the back, as more sections got added. The old upstairs stayed the same.

And here is another picture of my sea-chest. I can imagine Matthews scratching his head and wondering why anyone would want such an old thing.. Maybe he had one like it, where he kept his spare underdrawers, (not fancy like Oldroyds.) This one is joined on the sides, and it is made out of solid sheets of wood, the width of long ago trees, wider than we let trees today get to be. The hinges are simple, and all the corners of it have worn to round. The wood is soft when you touch it, like satin.  The top is cracked. I don't mind, I can mend it.

My brother says I am doting on material things-- but i love it. It is plain insde, with one little shelf, where you can keep small items. The rope handles are still sturdy enough to work too. The UPS lady and I used them.

I also included the photo of the painting that I cleaned with the bread. It is the landscape. The other picure is one my mom gave me years ago. It appears to be mids coming aboard, but it is not in English and I am not very sure what is going on.

The canes in the photo have ivory handles-- one is carved to look like a woman's leg. The foot has tiny toes. They seem rather flimsy for walking sticks. There were more robust versions around the old house too-- but they have disappeared over the years. These were probably harder to sell, because of the ivory tops.
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