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The Swinging Sky

Title: The Swinging Sky

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R-- smut

Word Count 590

The Swinging Sky

He sat, for some time, alone.

The world above the Indy had moved from blue to pink, to  purple, where the thin clouds sat like mountains on the horizon. It had darkened now to blue again, Horatio tipped his head back to see the vault of the sky. It was like falling up forever.

Horatio watched for the first six stars. He had done this at home, as a boy, on his thinking rock, behind the house. Six stars, he was allowed, and then in to wash before food. The stars came sooner here.

And now they had appeared, shy and small, pinpricks in the sky. He pictured his father, a moment, in fiercest love. He thought of the small house, under the deep sky.

He took a deep breath of the air-- which did not smell of salt or anything in particular. Archie had watch later. He would be sleeping. But Horatio could sit nearby and read. That was home now, of course, the smell of sleep, the sound of Archie.

He did not make it through the doorway.

“I've been thinking of you Horatio.”

The hand was at his abdomen, spread, pulling him back. Voice and breathat the back of his neck, the small hairs rising.

“Thought you were asleep,” Horatio said.

Pinned, he did not turn, Archie's other hand was behind him, just there, working the tapes at the back of his trousers, fingers burning on his skin.

“Couldn't sleep. Want you so.”

“Oh, that's--”

“Do you know what I have been thinking of?”

It was not a real question, Archie did not wait. He was rubbing his cheek against Horatio's back, butting and caressing.

“I have been thinking of the skin, so soft, at the flat place just aft of your---”


Foolish to blush, and to hang his head. He knew Archie did it to tweak him, and Archie had led him beyond shame so often, but Horatio's cheeks burned nonetheless.

“The very center of you, Horatio. Just you, just me. Only for us.”

Archie's voice was a breathless growl now. Horatio felt his own breath come short, the delight rising inside him like curling smoke. He pushed to turn in Archie's embrace as the tape broke. His trousers slumped to the floor.

One kiss, searching, and then Archie dropped too. Kneeling, he pushed Horatio against the closed door.

“I want you this way, this.” he said.

“Ah-- all right.”

And the warm hand slid under, as he breathed his heat on Horatio's skin. And Horatio's eyes had to close. His hips were tilting helplessly, a bowl for Archie to drink from.


“This, this is what I was thinking of.” Archie's voice was gruff and breathless. His hand slid to find what he sought, and Horatio heard himself whine.

“Please, Archie--”

“What? Tell me H'ratio-- what is it that you want?”

“Your-- oh God-- your mouth.”


And the mouth was the center of him, drawing drawing him forward as the hands held him back. The kind and wicked mouth-- Archie. Archie had him safe, in all the spinning world. and it was huge leaving him. Horatio cried out as it left him, and Archie let him sag.

One moment to breathe, and Archie rolled to him. Horatio was shuddering, wet and new. Archie twined against him, held all along him, safe beneath the vast and swinging sky.

Tags: archie/horatio, fiction

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