eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Daughter back

My daughter is back from Denmark. Husband and I went to pick her up at JFK. The airport was huge and surreal, as usual. We seemed to be standing there forever, watching the wrong people stream by with luggage. Strangest of all, a group of professional wrestlers. (John Cena, Big Show, some others.) I am not into that, but husband is. He thought it was neat to see them. Some other people asked for autographs and were refused.

I found myself thinking how it would be to be a 7 foot man, cramped and sticky and tired, flying into a city for work. I am sure that they just wanted to find a cab, their hotel with a bathtub. Then I started thinking a 7 foot, 500 lb man probably cannot fit in a bathtub. And a regular shower-head would be at armpit height. As a 5'4 woman I will never have this problem, but it made me wonder.

So we stood there, and eventually the kids came out of the tunnel thing. Daughter seemed very poised and grown-up. Her words all tumbling as she told us everything. She really had a wonderful time. She is out now catching up with neighborhood friends. Life is back to normal, and I don't have this hanging over me. It is done.
Tags: family, real life

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