eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

To be a Brother

Title: To be a Brother

Author Eglantine_br

Law and Order UK

Rating PG for implied misery

Word Count 450

To Be A Brother

He tried to turn away, but the voice pierced everything. It whispered high and urgent.

“Matty, Matty, wake up. Please, wake up.”

He groaned. The voice was shaking his elbow now.

Matty struggled through the fuzz of sleep.

“I need help. It happened again.”

He could smell the urine. He propped himself up on his elbows. His bed was so warm, and he was so tired.

He could see the faint glow of the roadrunner alarm clock. 2 am. He groaned.

“I thought we were done with this,” He whispered.

But Matt could see the tears on her face, in the wan moonlit room.. He could see the slime below her lip, she had been crying hard But she was quiet. All the Devlin kids knew how to cry silently.

“All right, all right. I'll get up. I'll help you.”

She nodded. Her breath was hitching. She was so small.

Matty sat up, reached under the bed. He pulled out a bundle of sheets and clothing.

“I had it ready, Mellie, just in case. Lets get you cleaned up.”

“He'll hear us. I'm scared.”

“He's asleep. He won't hear if you are quiet. Can you be very quiet?” She nodded. Her yellow hair flopped.

It was safe to turn on the light once the door to the bath was shut tight. He trickled warm water onto a cloth. He he wiped it over her clammy buttocks and legs. He got it rinsed again, handed it to her.

“You do the front.” She scrubbed at herself, biting her lip in concentration. Her little-girl body was strange, he didn't really like to look at it, but he could see that she was getting taller now, and leaner.

He held out the underpants and she stepped in, holding his arm. She lifted her arms for the nightgown, he settled it over her.

“The sheets--” She began.

“We can change them,” Matty said. “I'll help. I'll hide the wet ones, wash them tomorrow. They won't know.”


The door to the girls room had a squeak, if you pushed it too fast. He was careful not to do that. It smelled different too, even when it did not smell of bedwetting.

Melanie helped him settle the sheet.

“Are you sure you are empty now? Not going to do it again, right?” She nodded solemnly.

He settled the blanket around her.

“Goodnight, Melly.”

“Goodnight Matty.” She curled herself, small for sleep.

He gave her head a pat, and left the room.

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