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A Boy's Room

Title A Boy's Room

Author Eglantine-br

Rating G (but maybe not nice G)

Word Count 320

Character Matt Devlin, Law and Order UK


This is something new for me. It seems to me to be almost canon in LOUK that Matt Devlin had been abused as a child. I think that is why he had such a gentle way with kids, and such a desire for justice for them.

A Boy's Room

His nose made smudges on the glass, not nose shaped, but smudge shaped.

He raised his left hand to wipe the smudges away. They smeared. Didn't matter. The smudges were higher than last year. Higher was better, he would get tall and strong.

Even now he could feel the window's edge, pushed against his hip. His desk on one side, and his bed on the other, he had just a little place here to stand. He could look out the window, far, over the frozen grass,and the black trees lacing the distance. His desk had his school books, they made a ragged stack. The boy before him had drawn cars all over the insides. Matty had not done it, but when he carried the books it looked as if he had.

His bed was made tight. Sheets and blankets, tight tight. At night he climbed in, and tried to keep it that way, he tried to imagine being a letter, in an envelope mailed over the ocean.

A door slammed across the courtyard. There-- the dark haired boy from last week. He was Matty's age. He had a strange name, began with H. Didn't matter. Even if the H boy was alone, trying to play ball by himself, it didn't matter. Matty was going nowhere today. He tugged his right sleeve down, as he thought of it, tugged that sleeve down hard.

“Matthew! I'm taking laundry. Bring down your dirty clothes.” It was getting dark now. Almost that time. She would be gone an hour to the laundry. Dad was not home yet.

Getting out past the desk, he knocked his arm on it. He hissed though his teeth, a small sound, he caught it right away. He tugged the sleeve again. There.

He gathered up his laundry with his left hand.

Tags: childhood, fiction, other writing
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