eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Heavenly Peace

Title: Heavenly Peace

Author Eglantine_br

Word Count 200

Rating G

Notes: Joshua Slocum was a very real
man. He was born in Canada in 1844. In 1895 he set sail, out of
Boston, in his 36 foot sloop, Spray. He sailed alone around the
world, the first man to do so.

Captain Slocum is well known to me,
the last of his life on land was lived in my hometown. He was lost at
sea, in 1909.

Oh-- the spider is real too.

In the mornings he sang. His voice went
out, a thin ribbon between the blue and blue. And he thought of the
towns of land, of the thin rocky farms of the north.

Today,was Christmas. He sang
Christmas songs. He sweated in the heat. He could sit easy, with his
hat down over his eyes. Spray
was small but stable. He had lashed the tiller long back, had not touched
it in a thousand miles. He did not miss the gabble of church and
trade. No, nor of wives.

who was this?


He put
a finger down on the gunwale to let the feller climb aboard. He
lifted the spider, close, to see eye to eyes. Friend spider raised
his forelegs in menace. He was not as large as the spiders of the
Orinoco. He was just the sort that lived in the privy seats of
Massachusetts, ready to bite a man's ass. But he could not penetrate
Captain Slocum's hand.

Thought I'd lost you, while back.”

And he felt his lips tilt in a smile. He
set friend spider down, very carefully. And it was still Christmas
morning. So he sang a little more.

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