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Real Life

My son has been volunteering at Occupy Wall street the last few weeks. He has been working in the medical tent. He is an EMT, but there are all kinds of people there, doctors, nurses, paramedics...

Some of the people in the park now are true homeless, and are able to get medical care and warm food and clothing. But homeless or not,  everyone is dealing with the reality of a tent city in the winter in NYC. It is crowded, wet and cold.  People got wet in the rain, last night and then the wind came and the snow.  It was cold enough that dry socks and a space blanket could be a life saver, (or at least a toe saver.) OWS has enough resources at the medical tent to help small things, warm people up, and do triage. Every so often someone comes along who needs to just go to the ER. My son has done an awful lot of foot checking, blister fixing, and application of dry socks.

Anyway, he came home this afternoon, soaking wet from the slush and snow, fizzing with exhilaration.

I am proud of him. This may be what he wants from life.
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