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Under the Trees

Title Under the Trees

Author Eglantine_br

Rating R

Word Count 646

Disclaimer Not mine

Under the Trees

He leaned back in Archie's arms. Here
in the shelter of the trees, they could kiss and toy unseen. Horatio
sighed. He let his head fall back onto Archie''s shoulder, let the
warm mouth find the great pulse in his neck.

Archie's chest was pressed to his back.
They had been standing, he knew that much. Horatio could not quite
remember when they had both subsided to kneeling in the leaf mast.
The ground was spongy and damp under his spread knees. Here, not
fifty yards from the house, they were surrounded by vines and trees.
Father had really let the pruning go, these recent years.

He had meant to show Archie the
Thinking Rock, where he had spent some many childhood hours. He had
started to tell Archie about the big snake that had been his
companion there sometimes. To his surprise, Archie had said, (in a
rather rigid tone,) that he 'did not appreciate snakes.' He had added
that there were no snakes in London, and that there were very few in
Scotland. This made no sense to Horatio. He had always pictured
Scotland as a lovely snaky sort of place. And anyway, it was cool and
rainy, she would not come out today. But it was all right. Archie
had come up with another idea. And now he really could not think. He
only knew that his shirt was pulled loose and lifted, and that
Archie's hand was the best thing ever.

Horatio pushed back against the heat.
“Please,” he said.

“You want to do it here? Nobody will
see.” Archie's voice was growling. His breath was short.

“Oh, yes.”

The weakness was rising in Horatio's
belly. All that was upright in him was reduced to a glowing
delicious pulse just—there. And, it was all right to put his
strength aside, to cede control. They were safe in the green and
dappled world, small rain trembled in the treetops, they were
deliciously alone.

“This way--”

Archie turned him gently. Horatio knew,
in some deep unexamined place, that Archie needed to see his face, to
know, each time anew, that all was wanted and well. And Archie did
not like to be embraced from behind, himself, ever.

“Your face.” Archie murmured. His
hand stroked along Horatio's brow, his cheek, and over his lip.,
Archie's fingers were, light as a rainy leaf. Horatio reached out his
tongue to taste the ends of the fingers, and heard Archie sigh.

They went down to the leaves, a jointed
machine, of lips and hands, and gasps. They were a perfect one-thing
with Horatio's extravagant legs, and Archie's bright hair.

“No snakes.” Horatio gasped.

And they were bare against each other
now,and Archie's hand there on them both. They were alone in the
green damp world, slick themselves, and pure as the sky. Horatio
heard his own voice crying, the sound lost forever in Archie's hair.
And then Archie tightened all along him, and the heat bloomed as
Archie sagged.

And he was so slick and pushing under
the slide of Archie's perfect hand. Archie had him safe, he would
have it all, and the beautiful thing was his for reaching, and he
reached, yes, and the goodness swept him up.

They panted together, as their hearts
slowed, and the rain pattered in the trees above with more intention.
Archie rolled free. Side my side they could face the jigsaw sky.
Horatio turned his head to the side though, to look at Archie. He
traced his own wondering hand along the underside of Archie's white
arm, soft up to the furred hollow there. Archie shivered, and gave a
muffled giggle. He caught the hand kissed it and brought it to earth
between them.

So then, hand in hand, they watched
the clouds.


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 10th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
Wonderful :) I loved the image of them ... alone in the
green damp world, slick themselves, and pure as the sky. Horatio
heard his own voice crying, the sound lost forever in Archie's hair.

It's a pity we can't have this for real...
Sep. 10th, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
aha ! the dame appears in Horatio and Archie land - couldn't resist saying hello and welcome to a hansom cab free zone :)

and if you are going to start in this world Eglantines fic is a fabolous place so to do !
Sep. 11th, 2011 10:58 am (UTC)
Theehee :) Couldn't resist, mate :) Naaa, after you sending me the pics for the cubes I dreamt this night of Horatio and Archie... Nice!
The hansom... Enki sent me the pdf file... I opened it and said: @_@ OMG! That one looks complicated. But will think about a bed for your beanies :)
And yes - I'm on the train for the Horatio sequels :)
Sep. 11th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Oh, I wish they were real. I do love them. (I meant to put that between your two kind comments, but you both know what I mean, I think.)

Edited at 2011-09-11 02:29 am (UTC)
Nov. 10th, 2011 07:07 pm (UTC)
They're so beautiful together!
Sep. 20th, 2016 05:32 am (UTC)
I share Archie's feeling about snakes. Snaky places are not lovely in my book. In the last seven years I have found three squashed snakes in our parking lot. Two were Chinese cobras and one was a many-banded krait. All highly venomous. I tell my kids not to go in any vegetation that they can't see their own feet in. When I let my three-year-old pee in the bushes (sorry, I know it's disgusting, but when you are three sometimes you just can't wait), he always asks first, "Are there 'nake in there?" "Yes, probably, but don't worry, there aren't any where you are peeing." And when walking outside at night, I tread heavily to warn them away. I'm glad we live on the eighth floor. Some neighbors who live on the first floor have found venomous snakes in their kitchens and swimming pools. Horrors.
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )