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Well. It poured all night, and the wind roared.  I think we may get a few more bands of rain, but the thing has come apart. Parts of it are in Canada now. It did follow the coast all night, just like the 1938. But thankfully, without the destructive power. 

We did fine. The roof leaked a little. Rain fell on husband. He got up and slept on the couch. But we are safe. We did not loose power, although lots of people reportedly did.

Our apartment overlooks a busy street with two bars, a bodega, a church with late night drum practice, and an all night bakery. We have learned to live with the sound. We leave the windows open and just listen as we fall asleep. Typically, our street has, fights, drunks, delivery trucks, and random small children.  All night.  Very noisy.  Last night everyone shut but the bakery. It was eerie. There was no sound but the wind, and police cars, swooping through the rain.

One of the resturants has a life sized  plastic shark draped with Christmas lights.This thing hangs over the door, it blinks all night. i was worried it would fall, but it stayed up, bravely through the onslought.

My brother called me from the Vineyard. He says he is about to loose power. Thats all right. He is prepared for it. And the ferry can run when the waves are quite big, as long as the wind is not too bad. He should be able to get off again by tuesday.

It was very warming, knowing that people were watching over us east coasters, thinking of our safety. Makes the world feel small and warm. Thanks guys.
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