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Turning In

Title: Turning In
Author Eglantine_br
Rating R
Word Count 776
Spoilers None
Disclaimer Not mine

Turning In

“Careful with the candle, boys.” The words were parental rote, at the end of night, common as good-night. They had both heard them, every night of childhood.

So then, careful, up the stairs, they left Dr Hornblower to the solitary splendor of the first floor.

Horatio's boyhood room was the same. Just as Archie remembered. He took it in, wide-eyed, in the wavering light. The blue painted walls, the little peaked ceiling, the window open to the smell and the sound of the the trees, all the same. There were two beds in this room, always. Narrow as the beds were, nobody could fit them out the door.

Horatio set the candle down. He was a creature of shadows, in the dimness. His hair had come loose, and his eyes gone enormous.

“Archie,” he said. There was pleading in his voice, and intent as well. He pushed Archie gently back, Archie felt the edge of the bookcase against his back, and his own hands, empty by his sides, as Horatio knelt before him.

The cool air prickled his legs, as Horatio bared them. Horatio pushed the cloth down, lifted it and shoes away, gently. He mouthed a greeting to the round bones of each knee, fingers in the hollows behind them, stroking there until Archie sighed. He nuzzled slow and warm,his hands, up the back of Archie's legs now, and around the front and inside. Archie gave a shaky laugh. Never, before Horatio, had he considered the erotic appeal of his own knees.

But now the mouth was lifting, the hands were on his belly now, and the secret hollows of his thighs.

“I love your fur.” Horatio said, dreamily.

And there was no time to speak or reply, as the mouth came down, and all around. The heat of it, drove the air from Archie's chest, and he heard himself whine. Horatio's hands were warm on his hips, supporting as they caressed. His eyes closed in reflex, he forced them open, to see. But all he could see was the dark bend of Horatio's head, the white of his neck, and shirt collar. The pleasure was down below his own pushed forward abdomen. It could not be seen, only felt, as it built and built and drew him forward into itself.

“Oh.” he said, and his head fell back and knocked over a boys own encyclopedia.

Horatio's clever mouth did something and then again something, and his hands slid delightfully, and it was like racing forward, and Archie wanted it forever, but it was rising now, so soon.

“I can't hold it, oh no, no.” His voice was soft, but Horatio hummed in reply, and that was all it took.

Horatio was sitting back on his heels, grinning. He still had all his clothes on. He came up close and soft, and gathered Archie in.

“All the starch has gone out of you.”He said. “Its like embracing a jellyfish.”

“What about you?” Archie said.

“I'm fine. Better than fine.” Horatio said. “I love to, hah'm. I love to do that.”

“Lets go to bed.”

The bed was not wide, but it was soft and warm. They twined together. The last thing Archie heard was the puff as the candle went out.

Late in the night, Archie woke. The wind was roaring in the trees, he turned in the bed, to see Horatio's dark eyes watching. He leaned over to kiss the jut of collar bone, the notch of neck, smelling of sleep. Horatio's arms came over him fierce, pulling him above. The joining of their bodies was sweet and slow, touch magnified in the dark. Everything burned down to a wordless power, aching rocking. He held himself in check, shuddering, until he heard Horatio cry out beneath him.

“There, now, there.” Horatio stroked Archie's face, and Archie let it all go.

Halfway back to sleep, he heard a strange sound. A sort of repetitive clicking, his mind knew it form childhood, not a sea-sound then... It took a moment, stupid as he was, drowsy with joy and pleasure. Then he had it. It was the homely sound of dog nails. Cloud the dog, curious, coming to sniff the bed and its occupants. She was taller than the beds edge. Some deer-hound in there somewhere, Archie thought.

Finding nothing amiss, she circled three times, and settled with a doggish sigh on the floor.

“Good girl,” Archie said, very quietly. He reached over to stroke her, and felt her lick his hand. Then only sleep.
Tags: archie/horatio, fiction, john hornblower

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