eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

So, a hurricaine maybe?

At least no ship-worms are predicted.

Norfolk Va. has moved all its ships "safely out to sea." As they persist in calling it. Means they won't bang into each other, or the land, but I feel such anger every time I hear it described as safe. Stupid.

It is too early to say, but this one looks as if it may tumble along right up the east coast. They often hook out to sea after a destructive romp in North Carolina. This one may not.

I was in a smallish hurricane in 1991, on the Vineyard. We lost power. Lots of trees fell over. Everything was ok, otherwise.

But I grew up on stories of the great storm of 1938. My parents went through that one. Lots of deaths, people riding roofs of houses out to sea. Complete reorganization of the New England coastline.

Damn thing caused trouble all the way to Quebec. (Really, look it up, its true.)

Of course this was before modern forcasting, and warning, and all. But some part of me worries.

Stay safe you guys.
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