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Competely Different

Title: Completely Different

Author Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 740

Spoilers None

Disclaimer I do not own anything relavent.

Basil Hall was a real man. He does not deserve

any of this. The others are made up by somebody.





Completely Different




Ok. There is no excuse for this. I don't know where the idea came from. But there is something so sweet and sincere about Basil Hall. I just know he would be a good friend for these two scamps.





They stepped onto the quay, arm in arm, laughing.





Jack tipped his head back, shaking his long braid down his back, stretching onto his toes. He grinned up at the pale disc of the sun, and he looked so like a great gold cat, that Hen had to smile too.


“How she heaves.” Jack remarked. Indeed the shore world seemed to swing about them, used as they were to a frisking deck.


“Its the shoes, Jack.” Henage Dundas teased. “You must get accustomed to shoes again. You haven't worn them in months, save for inspections.”


Jack Aubrey looked down at his feet with a frown.




“Or perhaps you just need coffee.”


“Do you think there is coffee?”


“Course there is coffee.”


Dundas stopped to raise his hat to three giggling but obviously respectable girls. He had not seen a respectable girl in 10 months. They had eyes only for Jack of course. He was so bluff, and clear skinned, and he liked them back so very hard that it was like a note sounding for everyone to hear. Plain, brown haired Henage liked girls very much too, but he attracted much less notice.


“Of course there is coffee,” Dundas repeated “This is Torquay, not the backside of the moon”


“Can't sail to the moon, Hen. No water.”


“Well, of course not. But maybe someday, with some sort of ship-- or something.”


“Still need water for a ship.”


But the idea was intriguing. Jack squinted in thought.


“Maybe something like a Montgolfier balloon...”




“Do you think there is wind, all the way to the moon?”


“Don't know. Maybe?”


“But there ain’t – oh damn me.”


Jack stopped to wipe his shoe bottom. Henage waited. He had stepped around the stuff of course. He usually looked where he was going, but Jack sailed so large, just charging along, these things happened to him.




Hen looked up, he did not know anyone here, but Torquay was full of mids when the ships were in port.


This particular specimen was small and dark haired. He was younger than Hen and Jack, and he had a sweetly amiable face, and a Scottish accent.




Dundas smiled, and drew him forward.


“Jack, this is Mr. Basil Hall. We were shipmates on the Python. Mr Hall, may I present my particular friend Mr Jack Aubrey?”


Properly introduced now, the three boys wended their way through the streets.


How are things on the Python?” Henage asked. He had transferred to Bellerophon, rather abruptly.


They are well.” Basil Hall replied. “New 4th lieutenant is a hard-horse. But I can get around him some. Still, you might have told me about that inquisition thing. It came my turn, and I got my arse beaten.'


Oh well.” Hen's tone was easy. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.”


How long are you in Torquay, Mr Hall?” Jack asked. He had spotted a coffee shop in the distance. There might be muffins too. He adjusted his course.


Three days at least. Our carpenter died, we must find a new one.” The other two nodded, these things happened.


As it happens,” said Basil Hall, “I have family in town. My uncle lives here, I have not met him, but my Mamma insists I look him up. He is her brother. I am named for him, He is Basil too. He has a large inn, some distance from here. That is where I am going. We can dine there, I warrant.”


Perhaps we can all lodge there, while we are ashore.” Basil Hall's smile was hopeful. With a glance at Jack, Henage agreed.


I have a chart.” Hall pulled a battered folded paper from his pocket. The pencil marks were dim, but sufficient.


It is just this way.” He said. “He named it after himself. His name is Fawlty. That was my mother's name too. I think she found Hall an improvement.”


Thus decided, they headed for Fawlty Towers.







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