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re babbington

I was reading "Desolation Island" today (POB) and the character Babbington, (who is all grown up and a lt by this time,) mentions that he had served on  the Erubus, in the Antarctic. It is just an aside, he doesn't say much more than that, but this would have been with Ross and Crozier? Maybe that is too late. Timeline seems off.
Crozier of course was real, and died, with Franklin in about 1848. Franklin was 60, at this time. (He had been a signal midshipman at Trafalager --- certainly not as cute as Jack Hammond, working signals!)
But Crozier was younger so I think the timeline is off.
I know, I'm such a geek. But Crozier... he's so cool.
Would stories about him count as AOS?
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