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real life

Real life

Husband is watching a documentary on the battle of Midway. I am buzzing in and out of room watching some.

Now that his Navy years are over I can stand to watch. I used to have to not look at fires at sea, sinking ships, etc.  I had to keep it away from the kids too. (Daughter only saw Titanic this year.)  And don't even get me started on engine room disasters!

Anyway, I wonder what our guys (Not just Archie and Horatio, but the older ones like Pellew and Keene,) would have made of it all. I think modern Naval stuff would have made perfect sense to them. Once they got over the idea of working over the horizon, and not having to tack, and all. They would have approved of Naval aviation.

Maybe someone who is more informed than me can do something with this idea. If I go too far down the AU rabbit hole I will never come back!
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