eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

The earth rolled all the way around, and here we are.

Hello. Just me today, no fiction right now. Thinking of you all, and how close I feel to people I have never met. What is meeting in person really? It is pleasant to do. I would love to see your faces, hear your real voices, see what your hands do when you are thinking. In some cases I have had some of those things. I hold tight the memory of those I have met, or Skyped with.

But we don't really need that, do we? Single use phones,(remember the ones on the wall?) and big honking TVs are for our grandparents now, if we still have them.

We are returning to a text based world--as it was in the 18th and 19th, century. We have to be more agile, and careful of words now, now we are taking the time to write them. Someday, future historians, (perhaps wearing those body suits we dreamed in the 1970s,) will know the minute to minute thoughts of most on the planet, through facebook, twitter, etc. Imagine some poor young scholar wading through all that!

This is just to say, in writing then, I am still here. I bought in again, because this is the place that works best for me. I appreciate everyone who still drops in to read. I have quite a lot of old works now. You can get in there and wade around. Age of Sail comes when it will. It is timid these days. I have little fugitive glimpses of things, that are still formless, a feeling, an idea; the way a wet wool coat feels when it hits the back of your knees, finding a quiet place at a loud party, the way that water twines, brown and speckled, in a small stream. The trouble is finding out who has the knees, the party, the little (very little,) stream.

It is silly to say, but I am still working on the Marlowe story too. It has grown like a naughty vine, strong and thorny, and heading in at least three directions at once. So I am being more aggressive with that. I need to put it into order. If I had known in the beginning, I would have made an actual plan.

So that is me. I am here, in Brooklyn, with the same old husband,and sharing our house with daughter and her mate. We have 4 cats, and a large dog, and soon there will be a baby! Daughter is as round as an apple, an egg,as all the round things that are good.

Happy New Year to you all. May this year bring us health, time, and peace
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