eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Trying something new

I have started a patreon page. I am going to go back through some of the Kit stories and put them up. Not sure it is ok to put Horatio up. But if I can, I might.

A have a lot to learn. Don't really know how to use it yet. Maybe I will be roundly ignored. I hope the new platform, and a little bit of money, (maybe,) will help me write more often. I love LJ and wish it was as busy as it once was. I will put things here too, as I used to do, of course.

I think you can get there by searching 'Eglantine.' The first things I put up will be really old stuff from years ago.Then i will try to make new stuff to fill in the corners. I will tell you all when I start to do that.
Tags: horatio, kit, patreon
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