eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Those painted ponies-- things and stuff

Things.Things happen. That is, after all the nature of things.

The cooling of the air, and the apartment to myself, there are three of them here, but they are away doing things. I am able to let the thinking part of me expand. I have been writing a little. So happy that Following Sea has come alive again. I started with that. There at least I know what I want to say, and am able to keep a consistent tone.

Marlowe is harder. I am making that all by myself, and right now it is growing in all sorts of weird disconnected sections. The plot is a jigsaw with pieces missing. But I have not given up. Please don't mock me for writing so slowly.

We are still in the same little second floor apartment, in Brooklyn. Fall is here. You want a sweatshirt some mornings now.

Biggest news of all-- my daughter is going to be a mother! There will be a baby at the beginning of April. We don't know what sort of baby yet. But as daughter and her man live with us, we get to enjoy the whole thing. She is just entering 2nd trimester. Have the go-ahead to share. I am 54. i do not feel any older, on the inside, than I did at 12, or 16. The stout wrinkly woman in the mirror does not match how I am on the inside. I look just a little like Angela Merkal. I wonder how old she feels to herself.

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