eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Still here

Still here is what I am.

Still in Coney Island, still in the same funny little apartment near the beach.

I have not written anything decent in ages. I would like to try again, but it is so much easier with the feeling that someone might be reading it.

I thought maybe I might try making a list of the books I read in the next few months or longer. Would any of you be interested in hearing about them? I read all kinds of things.

I thought maybe I could do a little series of posts about the books as I finish them. I will make one tomorrow. We can all see what we think.

Also, I broke down and signed up for Dreamwidth too. Thought I might try the whole cross posting thing. LJ feels like a big dim room sometimes.

I am on Twitter a lot--like, a lot. It is good for soothing an immediate itch, not for long form thought. I am sorry I wandered off. I hope you have not all wandered off too.

Will write a little tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.


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