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This is just to say

I am also on Tumblr and Twitter. I like them both. I am the same name at both of those. Or you can just search the person who is into Marlowe and AOS. That would be me. I am sad that so many people seem to be leaving LJ. The refrain of 'it was good for a while, nothing lasts forever,' makes me quite downcast.

But for long-form writing LJ is perfect for me. I hope to do more 'real' writing in the future. Please don't give up on me as I have been lazy/busy/sad. I do not want to disrupt the situation by looking for a new place to make a nest. And new people are still coming to LJ. I love to see new names, and read what new people have to say.

I enjoy reading here, and I like writing here, and that is good enough for me. So look for me here, if you wish.


Apr. 19th, 2017 11:39 am (UTC)
True! Before I joined LJ I never had online friends who were not known in real life, but I find that I really like it. I love my flesh-and-blood friends, of course, and I can even discuss Jane Austen or Hornblower with some of them, but it doesn't go as deep as the discussion here. It's easier to share some things behind the comfortable mantle of anonymity. And it's enlightening to have online friends who come from worlds and mindsets which are wildly different from my own very conservative background.