eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Finally sorted

Got LJ onto my phone finally.

This should result in me posting more. I always seem to be on the train, with my phone in my hand.

Thought I would put up some pictures. They have been building up in my phone.

Things continue here as usual. Son is home all month. (Another 20 days!) Husband is also on school vacation. Daughter is doing a rather busy social life... My house is nice and busy. We come and go as needed, we eat what and when we like-- somebody cooks something most days. Sabir and the cats get a lot of greeting and patting.

So that is good. But I am always zooming out the door. In between, I am still putting Marlowe and Kyd into some sort of order. I am stacking up the bits I already wrote, to see what needs to get enlarged or (more often,) cut. At this rate I hope to be done by June. No joke there, I am slow.

Hope you are all well. I would like to hear what you have been up to.

May we all proceed safe into 2017.

Here are pictures:


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