eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

For some value of back

I feel sometimes like Lucy, who jumps out of the wardrobe shouting 'I'm back!' only to have everyone say 'Well you need to be gone longer than that before you shout.'

Anyway-- I am back. My old computer which had no case is gone. Apparently there is a reason for the case existing. A project computer is neat, and the internal visible is cool, but things fall in and dust comes, and cats. This shortens lifespan of cool caseless computer.

Now I have a new one with a pedestrian black metal box case. It is designated for writing and internet. It did not cost much. It is mine all mine! It does not have to do games or engineering homework.

I have been busy at work. The trouble with work is that they want you to show up and do it. I really don't mind it all that much. I can do phone sales, always could. And this is better than actual sales, it is charity fund raising. I have checked out the charities on my own and find them to be reputable. They are not like Susan Korman which takes all the money to have parties with.

And I do like calling people, even if I am asking them for money. It is like visiting their lives for a little moment. I can hear things in the background, dogs, kids, sinks running. Life sounds. People are nice, mostly. They are nice even when they won't give me money. Some, especially older men, are funny. The work is not difficult to learn. You just have to do it the same way, each time, precisely. And you have to make each person who answers feel important.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving. Son came down from Buffalo. Mike visited his mom briefly. I had beef instead of turkey, but cooked it too hard. It irritated my trigeminal neuralgia. This time the attack was not severe pain, but mostly swelling. The side of my face swelled up, and my eye got all black and closed up. I looked as if I had been punched in the face over and over. It has subsided now. I can still feel on my face where the nerve is not happy to be poked at. It takes at least a week to settle down afterward. These attacks only happen a few times a year. Not really worth doing anything much for them, like taking a pill every day. Doctor says my current treatment plan is ok. Current plan involves hot baths, frozen peas on face, whiskey, and complaining to anyone who will listen. If the trigeminal nerve acts up more frequently there are more drastic measures that can be taken. I looked the swelling up online. It is a thing that happens. It usually comes with less pain, which is a blessing.

It is ridiculously warm here. Rainy, drippy, sweatshirt weather. Feels like spring. I am sure the trees are confused. If it goes on much longer the daffodils will come. And when it is actually March we will be stuck without them! Today has brought a grey foggy rainy wind. Festive decorations outside stores are getting all soggy. We are to expect thunder.

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