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Poor Beast

Recently met a pitbull when I was walking alone. Many around here are intact males. This one was, and I could see the scars too, down over his face, and sides. If you don't have a dog with you they are usually sweet. This guy was wiggling with joy as I came down the sidewalk. He was being walked by a man. I asked dog's name and it was Beast.

No doubt they chose it to be frightening, but beast is just the old word for animal after all.

"Hello Beast," I said. And I scritched him and he wiggled and licked my hand.

"He is a very good boy," I said. If nobody is actually caught fighting him, I can do no more. Maybe he is a rescue from the ring anyway. Animal fighting is sadly prevalent around here. At least some of the dogs can have lives after.

Saw him again today while I was walking Sabir. Kept well away. Beast and Sabir would likely not mix well. Anyway Beast was getting yelled at. He was off leash, which is not a good idea on the crowded sidewalk and busy street. And he ran down the sidewalk and nipped through a fence to some grass.

He was with a woman. "Beast," she yelled, "Get back here so I can beat your ass. What are you doing, bad dog!" Beast could not really comply, he was locked into crouch, taking an enormous dump on the lawn. The best Beast could do was waddle forward with a look of sorrow and shame.

'Get back here so I can beat you' is an offer only taken when it is worse to stay away. I have heard it said to kids too, of course.

My mother always said that a dog will stay with you if he has more fun with you than away from you. (She said the same about men actually...) She also said that you never need to raise your voice to a dog. She said their hearing is excellent, and they already care what you are going to say.

The man really seemed to like Beast. He liked having him admired too. He was pleased that I could see that this was a good dog. I hope the woman is a transitory presence in their lives.
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