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My Boys


It pleases me very much to think that Kyd may have written Arden of Faversham. It is a play that I love, it is so ridiculous and over the top, and somehow that feels very modern. It feels much more vivid and recent to me than Spanish Tragedy. Spanish Tragedy feels much more anchored in time somehow. Maybe because ST has dukes and princes, and AoF is regular people?

If Kyd wrote all or most of those he must have had much skill and range. And he obviously could do gore for laughs or for tears.

I am liking more and more the idea that these guys were riffing off each other-- daring each other to do better, to try new things. And this at a time when the wrong words could get you thoroughly dead. So brave. They were so brave.


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Oct. 28th, 2016 10:05 am (UTC)
Of course they were stealing off each other. And off poor old Holinshead and other sources. They were bums on seats men!

Such nonsense is spoken about plays. Example: part of the last scene in As You Like It where Jacques and Touchstone talk about Quip Modest, etc. Just found one resource which describes this as "Touchstone proves his wit before an audience, and gets the approval of Duke Senior, who immediately recognizes the clown’s wisdom. His reference to seven levels of retorts is reminiscent of Jaques’s description of the seven stages in a man’s life, in his “all the world’s a stage” speech. " Yeah, OK, but the whole point of that little interchange is for Rosalind and Celia to go offstage and make a costume change for the big dénouement.

These chaps were above all makers of theatre.

PS Look at me resisting 'here's looking at you Kyd' joke.
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