eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

I am reading 'Autobiography of a Seaman' by Admiral Lord Cochrane.

I have tried to read books about him before, but found them hard going. Of course I have great fondness for him, he was the template for Jack Aubrey, and for Horatio too in some ways.

I was not sure how i would like Cochrane's own memoirs. I do like them though. They are dry and funny, he is more human than Nelson somehow.

He has just desribed how, as a 3rd lieutenant, he had spent weeks saying 'there is no such thing as pain, it is all in the mind.' (Older men apparently restrained themselves from striking him, which indicates a happy or at least tolerant ship.) Then Cochrane did something silly and cut his hand. And the doctor had to sew it up, and it really hurt!!! And he never said that again. And it would seem nobody said anymore about it.

And it all just goes to show how young he was. He would have been finishing high school here. (He began at 17, like Horatio, but made lt scandelously early. ) He was just a kid, with ridiculous notions.

Anyway, i am liking the book.


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