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Let her name not be lost to the knowledge of men

You guys may already have this news tonight, but I found it about an hour ago. They have found the Terror. They have found Crozier's ship! They have both ships now of the Franklin expedition, after all this time, after all these long cold years.

It appears that HMS Terror went gently to the bottom, with everything dogged down, stowed away in good order. There was no scramble to leave her. Her crew took what they needed and evacuated in an orderly way. They tried to live on land after that, but life failed them.

I went through about a five year phase where I read everything I could get my hands on about the Franklin expedition-- there is something so sad about Franklin himself, so much in his life went wrong. He was dogged, perhaps lacking in charisma. And he perfectly bridged the gap between age of sail and age of steam.

Crozier is harder to know. There is less written about him. He was an experienced polar explorer by the time he was given Terror. He was an expert in magnets. He wanted to do serious science as well as find the Northwest Passage. We have reason to believe that he was one of the last to die. He may have wished it were otherwise.

So here is the link I found. The video is even better than that of the Erebus. Goosebumps.

(And really, Erebus and Terror? Those are terrible unlucky names for ships. They should have asked whoever named the Pickle!)

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