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Back to the New and Shining

I am back! But you guys did not even know I was gone.

I have been posting the last little while with difficulty, on my phone. Desktop had suffered some sort of internal catastrophe. Desktop is mine. Everyone else has laptops, but this one is mine. (This is the one that son used as sort of an ongoing project, it has no case. It sits on the desk bare. This is the one that he had for some time suspended from the ceiling.)

With A away, I thought we were doomed. I had no idea how to fix it, it would not even boot correctly. But A was able to take over Mike's laptop using a spooky program that let him control things from Buffalo, while Mike sat amazed with his hands in his lap! A used that to download a new Windows program, put it on a thumb drive. Then we walked across the room, (Skyping all the time on my phone at the same time,) and he took over my computer, and put the new Windows on it!

I am so proud of my son. And I have a shiny new Windows 10 desktop which will let me write on it. We are going to hang it up again the next time he is home. It keeps it safe from cats and accidents, and makes more room on the desk for things that end up there; (papers, books, pill bottles, tea-cups.)

I suppose this is the future. I am all for it!

I feel very lucky to be just the right age to remember the old days. I remember paper files, and card catalogs. I remember talking on the phone for hours, twisting the curly cord in my hands until it was all tangled together. (My mother told me when I was small that an umbilical cord looked twisted like a phone cord. Nobody will ever say that again. How will we describe them now?) I remember dialing the old black phone with a pencil, and that click-click sound as it spun back.

I also remember paper checks. Mothers were the ones with the long wallet with the checkbook. They went to the bank, and you had to sit in the car and wait. Or maybe you got to come along and see all the dark wood paneling and serious banker-faces. Mothers had the long wallet. They decided what to buy. They knew where the money stood. Dads were happy guys with lunch money in a small square wallet. Sometimes they gave you some. They came home and put coins on the dresser.

But debit cards are so much better. Seeing your balance on a screen is so much better.

I got to see the old days, tech that had not changed much since 1950-- and I get to be part of this new shiny world where most things are written again, and happen in a blink. And you can find out anything you want to know, because somebody in the world knows it, and if they care enough to know it, they might also become your friend.

I mean, how great is that?

I suppose my experience is similar to those who lived through the rise of literacy. There must have been a time when younger people could read, and their parents could not. It must have seemed spooky and strange. It must have seemed wondrous.

How lucky I am to have seen the world both ways.
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