eglantine_br (eglantine_br) wrote,

Sun on Stone

Title: Sun on Stone

Author: Eglantine_br

Rating G

Word Count 200—double drabble

Spoilers None





Sun on Stone







“Oh dear, “ said Horatio weakly.. But Archie's arms were around him now, and Archie went to the ground with him, Archie-arse first, with a bounce. And Archie was strong, and laughing down at him, and Archie's thigh was a pillow for Horatio's head. “I'm back,”



Archie was laughing with him, with little huffs that meant he was crying too. He was stroking Horatio's wretchedly filthy hair. “Are you hurt?” He asked, “Can you stand?”


“Not hurt, really.” Horatio said. “I'm just a bit bent in half. Can I stay here for a moment?”


“Couse. I'll just sit here with you.” The sunlight crept across the stones, and they sat.





The rattle of the door came.. Matthews blessed it silently, he hated being locked in. Styles was awake, the others slept in the heat. Locked in, there was not much else to do.


Styles turned to wake the others, but Matthews put out a restraining hand.


“Look.” He pulled Styles to the window. There in the doorway, Horatio in Archie's lap. Archie's face, ardent, glowing. Matthews pulled Styles over to block the window . He smiled.


“Give them a minute.”


Tags: archie, horatio, styles matthews

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